Friday, October 29, 2010

Love, Life, & Family Photos:

From here to there and back again. Baby G's on the move!

So we have made it to a huge milestone in our Baby G's life. She is crawling now! Not just crawling but also pulling her self up on anything and everything she can! It seems to have started so fast. It feels like just yesterday she was learning to sit up on her own, or to hold her little head up. But now, now that little girl is into everything! I knew it would be like this so even though I was excited seeing her learn to sit, and hold herself up on hands and knees I was also in no rush for her to actually start crawling around. =) But it is very exciting and lots of fun! She is right at that age where everyday is seems that she learns something new.
Yesterday we went by the PX waiting on my husband to get off work and I found that they had all those Zhu-zhu pets that I have always thought were so cute in the ads. So of course I bought one for G. And let me just say that was the best 7 dollars I have ever spent! She thinks it is just hilarious! She'll follow him around on the carpet and then laugh and laugh when he turns around and rolls over her little hand or bumps her in the leg. It's really one of the cutest things I've ever seen!

So I only have a couple of weeks left before I head back to my parents for the holidays while my husband is away at Sniper school. I really am looking forward to it! And for a change in the weather, and a chance to spend some quality time with our families. Hopefully my husband will be able to come up and join us for a week or two at Christmas! (Oh I really really hope so!)
Deployment is creeping up way too fast. The times with him home, the days seem to just fly by. But deployments drag on so that it feels like a lifetime of waiting. (Of course I would wait 2 lifetimes for him!) I feel like I just can't seem to cram enough hours in the day to spend with him!

Nothing else too new or exciting to report. =) Spending lots of time with my family of course. And preparing for G and I going to IL for a visit and my husband heading off for school. Making the most of every single day with him in the meantime.

Monday, September 27, 2010

I Am My Beloveds

Well yesterday began another long week for my husband and I. He is out in the field all week training for Afghanistan and I am just taking care of things here at home until he gets back at the end of the week. Although I have gotten so much accomplished! And in just one day, I was able to get the spare room totally cleaned out and all of his gear organized which means I was able to get the other things I have been wanting stored finally put away so our living/dining room looks so much bigger and nice and fresh. =) So next on my list is cleaning the bathrooms, re-vacuuming the floors, and maybe some minor redecorating. =)
Anyway I'm sure that wasn't a very exciting update, but that's what is going on right now. We are getting closer to Baby G and my visit back to Illinois to see our family. I am really looking forward to it, but not wishing the time away to get to that point either. Because it's just too much to think that by the time I am back with my husband after our visit we will only be a few short months away from deployment! It sure does have a way of creeping up on us.
But until it does creep up too close and until our visit with family I am busy spending every single spare minute between training with my husband. I want to not only get quality time with him, and our daughter together. But also to help build our marriage even stronger. Deployment sure can have a way of knocking the wind out of your sails when it comes to the strength in marriage sometimes. So I want our bonds, and love, and marriage to be not only as strong as we can make them, but also steadily getting stronger every day. We were able to go to a Marriage Retreat that was set up by the Army for the 2-27 families, it was wonderful. It was a great learning experience for us. And since they provided child care we were able to go out on a date just the two of us. It was wonderful, it was the first time since our daughter was born that we have been able to do that. We enjoyed downtown Wikiki (which was were the retreat was held) walking along the beach at sunset, going through the International Market Place, and just being able to walk and talk and have dinner while just focusing on each other. I think we really needed a night like that. =)
So I guess that's about it at the moment. Those are my goals and plans for the next few months. And as for this week I have getting the house organized, and taking care of G to keep me busy until he is home again.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

All bets are in and the winner is...

So we finally got our orders! I add an exclamation point to the end of the sentence because normally it's exciting to find out where we will be living for the next three years. It's like roulette you place your bets and the ball falls where it will. And in our case the ball fell in the exact same spot as it's fallen the past two reenlistments. That's right ladies and gentleman, we are staying in Hawaii... again. But honestly I can't complain too much, it is Hawaii after all. =)
Anyway heres our story, my husband has been stationed here for awhile now, it would have been six years if we hadn't gotten orders for here again. But he likes it here, he likes the island, he likes the unit, he likes who he works with and for. And don't get me wrong, I like it here too and I like that he likes his job. I just hate that it is so far from family with us just having a new baby. And since we both have little brothers still living at home it's just too difficult and expensive to have them fly all the way out here. Anyway that's pretty much the only downside.
So he decided quite a few months ago that he would like to put in an IPCOT to extend his time on the island (since he loves this unit) and I was okay with that too because more then living on a post location we like I want him to like the post he works on. Well just a month ago or so he decided maybe he'd like to change units, for a break from deployments mostly (this upcoming one will be #4, and #2 for both of us). His IPCOT was too far along to stop it, but he really didn't think it would be approved since he had already been here so long. So we weren't too worried about it. Then surprise surprise he gets his orders for Hawaii yesterday! But it's not all bad, we do like it here. And our daughter and I will be spending almost all 12 months of this upcoming deployment with our families in IL anyway so that'll be nice.
And we finally get to get me command sponsored. That's a long messy story but basically we were married 2 days before he deployed and we weren't really able to do what needed to be done with him in Iraq and me in IL (and with me also being new at the Army lingo) and by the time he was home and we were back in HI together he was just shy of a year left on the island so ergo no command sponsorship, and no cola collecting for us. =( But now that we have more time here, we can have me and G command sponsored which just means a little more pay for living expenses. (yay)
Anyway it has been a long busy day with all that paperwork, and unexpected plans for us.
Also another bit of fun news, Baby G is 6 months old as of the 5th! She is 15.4lbs, 26in long and a perfectly happy healthy baby. She is just growing so fast! Every day she seems to know how to do something new. =)
This sure is the life!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Deployment training, and future plans.

Well here I am going through another week of my husband being at the field. And my days are as backwards as ever! For some reason the Army has decided to start their work weeks on Saturday or Sunday, and send them home on Wednesdays or Thursdays. So we have been feeling a day or two off around here this month. Thankfully it should slow down a little bit next month and there wont be quite so many weeks out at the field... for a little while anyway. But September and October should be the last of our slow months. (at least I hope there slow!) In November I'll be headed home for a visit, and my Darling Husband will be on his way to Sniper school. Then we have the holidays and starting January deployment training will be in full swing!
I can't believe how fast this one is sneaking up on us, it seems like he just got home from the last! But that's the Army for you I suppose they give you about a month then they'll be reminding you every day just how close the next deployment is. At least they do in the Infantry. And as always I am certainly full of mixed feelings. Since our daughter and I will be spending almost all of this 12 month deployment in Illinois with family that makes me happy. Living so far away from then we don't get much of a chance for her to be around them so that part I am looking forward to. But of course my husband having to be gone and in Afghanistan I am NOT at all looking forward to at all! Though I am thankful every day he has gotten this entire 1st year at home to spend with our baby girl. And we have lots of plans on things to do to help her remember and be able to see and hear her daddy every day despite the miles between us.
Anyway Baby G is getting fussy (it's about her bedtime) so I'm going to try and get her to bed now.
This is the life! =)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Home for the Holidays!

So my husband should be home from the range tomorrow. I will be really happy once this month is over. Not that their training will slow down at all but at least next month he wont be out at the range quite as often in September.
But on the upside I do finally have my dates, and plane ticket to Illinois! I'll be going mid November! I am so excited to finally get back for a visit and for our families to meet our daughter. So far my mom is the only one who has since she flew out here when she was born.
Unfortunately my husband wont be coming with us because he will be in Sniper School, but hopefully if things work out well he will be coming up to IL to spend Christmas with us. This will be the first time in over a year that I have been back to see our families. And even though I am so going to miss my husband like crazy I am looking forward to some time with my parents and brothers. And for Baby G to meet her grandparents and uncles. I am glad that our families live all within about 45 minutes of each other. It will make getting enough time with everyone allot easier.
I'm going to have to find out what I am going to do about clothes though. I don't have any warm clothes here except a couple of sweatshirts and there really isn't any place to buy them either. I must say I am happy to be going back for a visit but I wish it didn't have to be in the dead of winter. =) At least I'll have an excuse to buy some new jeans and boots!
I do hope it snows for Christmas though so that G can see some snow. We don't get to much of that here in Hawaii. =)
And hopefully her first plane ride goes smoothly as well, I'm not looking forward to doing it on my own so some helpful stewardesses would be great too.
Well I better get off here and finish getting the house cleaned up before Baby G wakes up from her afternoon nap.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Just a short up-date.

I know it has been so long long since I have really up-dated. And to be honest no one may have noticed so I suppose that's alright. I have just been so busy with life. Training for my husband for his up coming deployment to Afghanistan has really set in so he has been gone on and off for days at a time which leaves me not only missing him but taking care of everything on my own here at home. Including our baby girl who just turned 5 months old this month. And she hasn't been taking her daddy being gone very well either, she hardly sleeps, and I can't seem to get her to bed earlier then 1 in the morning on the days he is gone.
I'm just glad I have so many good friends here, and enough things to do at home, with our daughter, and the FRG to keep me busy.
To be honest I am pretty nervous about this deployment. I mean he has had them in the past, and was gone for one just two days after we were married. But they have been Iraq, and Afghanistan just sounds a lot more scary to me... So for now I'm just doing what I have to and not give it too much thought. Instead when I think about this up-coming deployment I just think about all the things that Baby G and I are going to do for him. Our plans for care packages, and pictures I'll help G color, and things we'll send him for the holidays.
Anyway I'll try to keep up on this more, eventually things will slow down... maybe. =)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Sugar & Spice Boutique

I just wanted to let everyone, and anyone who is interested that I have just started a home business. It is called Sugar & Spice Boutique and I make and design headbands and hairbows for infant and toddler/child girls.
I have a facebook page set up for it, and there is a button on the side bar if you are interested in looking into what I have avaliable for sale.
I can ship them anywhere in the states. And for those of you who live in Oahu Hawaii I do have pick-up available so you can by-pass the shipping fee.

Here is a copy of the information note I have posted on my site.

Hello everyone, and welcome to Sugar & Spice Boutique! I am brand new at this so there are still a few kinks to work out, but I think i have a pretty good start so far. Over the next couple of weeks i will be making more bows and adding more pictures. So if you don't see anything that catches your eye now check back again often because I'll be adding lots.
Also if you have any ideas for custom bows, or designs I haven't thought of yet please feel free to send me a message. I'd love the input!

All of my headbands and bows are handmade by me. I have quite a few different ribbons, headbands, and embellishments and am always adding more. If there is something I don't carry let me know and I will try and find it for you. Also if you already have a particular ribbon your in love with I can have you send it to me and I will style a bow from that.
The embellishments are optional and you can always add more or less to each headband. I haven't set prices on adding them yet but we'll work it out as we go along according to which ones, and how many you choose. These are sewn or hot-glued onto the head-bands depending on the placement and style. I have made quite a few for my daughter and haven't had any problems with them coming off at all.

I can do two basic bows right now, and that is the simple 4 loop bow like the Pretty Princess Bow, and the more intricate muti-loop bow like the American Baby Bow. But I'll be playing around with trying new ones as well and will post pictures as there completed. These I can do in different sizes, just let me know how large or small you'd like them.

As of now I have set the prices for the bows I have completed in the "Completed Hair-bow & Head-bands" picture file. Though the shipping hasn't been added yet. The embellishments that are already on the bows are included in the price. If you'd like me to add more I will charge according to which ones and how many you choose. I am not sure on the shipping rates yet I plan on finding out and posting them by this weekend. I live in Ewa Beach HI and for those of you willing to pick up your completed Bows I will waive the shipping fee of course!

I hope everyone finds something they like! Please feel free to leave me comments, feedback, and ideas. I'd love to hear them! If you have any questions or would like to place an order just send me a message! I am working on setting up pay-pal for purchases and for those of you picking them up directly from me cash or check is fine.

Thank you!


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What? A Clean House!?

Well I can't believe it myself but I actually got the house cleaned, even the bathrooms! Genesis isn't eating quite as often as she had been (every hour!) =) and she likes her swing allot, so when she starts to get tired if I put her in her swing she falls right asleep and stays that way for a few hours. I almost thought this day would never come. =)
Anyway I grabbed those few hours while she was sleeping yesterday to get the entire house cleaned up! Well, not the entire house... we have a spare room that has become a "catch all" for all of my husbands gear, well all his gear that isn't in our two storage rooms, and at the company. He has allot of gear! But that room I didn't touch, I just shut the door and ignore it. lol

Over the weekend we had a dinner at our house with some of my husbands friends from work. It was allot of fun, and surprisingly after dinner I put Genesis to bed and she slept all night! So I actually got one evening of a social life.. almost forgot what that was like. And thankfully his friends clean up after themselves... because since we didn't have a table long enough for beer pong, my husband actually took the spare room door off it's hinges to use for a beer pong table top. And beer pong went down in my dining room... I suppose I should give them a gold star for creativity. lol
But it was a fun night, thats for sure.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Welcome to the Blog Hop.

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! I am on the blog hop hosted by Riding the Roller Coaster.
And for those of you new to my blog: Hello, my name is Hannah. I am married to a wonderful man who is in the Army Infantry. We are stationed out here in Hawaii. And we just had a beautiful baby girl!
I really love meeting other military spouses and places like my blog here is one of the easiest ways to do that since our daughter being not quite 2 months and hates her car seat is hard to take out many places right now. =)
I really enjoy fleamarkets, farmers markets, cooking, and spending every second I can with my husband because for us deployments come way too often. We are actually in the process of gearing up for another on next spring... and it feels like he just got home! =(
Anyway I hope to meet some new girls, and make some new friends!


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fleamarket Extravaganza.

Well yesterday was just beautiful and Genesis and I took every advantage of it! We went with my friend Cat to a fleamarket downtown. I was great fun and Genesis loved being out in the sunshine! She likes spending time outside when ever she gets a chance. We walked around for about three hours and I brought home a couple of really great finds. I bought Genesis a coconut monkey head bank. It's so cute and will go with her room perfectly as soon as I get it decorated like I want.
It's a jungle type theme, with lots of animals and bright colors!
And I bought the most wonderful garlic balsamic olive oil dip. It is locally made and so awesome!
So of course I came right home and made some challah and coffee to go with it for dinner. Because it is my opinion that challah can make a wonderful dipping bread! It is a little sweet and goes perfectly with the vinaigrette that has a great bite, with just a hint of sweet.
Now I am hoping around the first part of next month I will find a farmers market to go to. I have yet to visit one since I moved to Hawaii and I would love to get my hands on some fresh locally grown produce.
So anyway I am spending today recovering from just a touch of sunburn =), and relaxing with my baby girl waiting for my husband to get home from work. He has Friday off!
This is the life.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

A New Way of Life.

Just a lazy Sunday afternoon with my husband and our daughter. It is such a pretty day, yesterday we did a little shopping and I bought a beautiful basket of bright pink flowers to hang on our lanai. I have been wanting some flowers to hang out there for quite awhile now. Our apartment is wonderful in the sense that all our windows face east so it stays rather cool and we almost never have to run our air. But the down side to that is since we don't really get any direct sunlight I can't really keep any flowers alive in the house! And I so did want African Violets. (I'll do those in our next apartment.)
My husband bought me some bamboo a while back but I managed to kill that. It's almost impossible to kill the flowers I just bought, so they should be safe. =) And I am thinking about buying some deep orange ones later on to hang by the bright pink. I think they'd make a nice pair. Anyway it is nice to finally have flowers for our house again.

Wednesday I have plans of going to a Farmers Market in the morning. I'm very excited about it, it has been awhile since I have been to one and I am so very looking forward to it. I would like to get my hands on some fresh local produce. And I bought a new cookbook! Julia Child's, The Way to Cook. It's in the mail on it's way to me and I am pretty excited about that too! I can't wait to try some of her recipes with the fresh local food here!
So funny, if you told me I'd be this excited about a Farmers Market, and new cook book when I was a teenager I'd have called you crazy. (haha) But I can say it sure does make my husband happy.
He knew me when I was a wild child and he likes that I am content now to be at home with him cooking, and crafting, and writing, and raising our little family! And I must say personally I have never been happier!

Anyway I have been browsing the net for interesting recipes and watching Niagara, so I think I'll get back to it before Genesis wakes up and demands my time. =)
This is the life!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pretty Baby Hair Bows.

Finally just a few minutes to update! It seems like I have had almost no time these past few days. My daughter has gotten into a habit of crying and crying for at least an hour solid every day no matter what I try to do to make her happy, which in it's self is just about enough to drive me almost completely crazy.
I have picked up a new little hobby though. Which is how I spend my free time aka her nap time. At least thats how I spend the free time I have in between getting the house cleaned and dinner made.
Anyway I have started making her some hair bows, and there pretty cute if I do say so myself. Most of the websites I've looked at that carry these cute little bows can be kind of expensive, especially if your like me and need a million of them! =) But I can pick up some ribbons, rhinestones, flowers and buttons for a pretty good price and make dozens of them. It's been fun and she looks super cute in them.
My husband tells me I should make and sell some on ebay... And while I'm flattered that he thinks they are that good I don't know where I'd find the time. Unless he wants to start doing his own laundry to save me time that is. hahaha.
She seems to like her bows, well she likes pulling them down around her neck right now anyway. We were out shopping the other day and every time I looked over at her she had her bow around her eyes with her little arms waving frantically trying to figure out who turned out the lights. =)

She is such a little princess. My aunt jokes that she is like my own live baby doll. lol
I did always want a little sister to dress up when I was young. I got three younger brothers instead, though that never stopped me from dressing them up!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Our little Sweetheart.

Just thought I'd post a few new pictures of our darling little girl. I just can't believe how fast she is growing. Already over a month old, just doesn't seem like it's been that long already!

Her Easter Duck

Enough with the animals Mom!

She's Daddy's little Wolfhound.

She very often sleeps like her daddy, always an arm or hand across her face. =)

Hanging out in Daddy's chair.

Nap time with her Daddy!

Just a Few Minutes of Spare Time.

Grabbing just a few minutes to update my blog. My darling little girl is asleep... for now. She almost hardly ever seems to sleep these days. And she always wants entertained when she's not asleep. It's really cute but I almost never get anything done around the house now.
My husband had the day off work yesterday so we took the afternoon to get some grocery shopping done, and he took me out to lunch. We were so proud of Genesis she doesn't always do very well going out because she just hates her car seat right now. But she did just fine almost all day yesterday. And I was glad I got the chance to go out with my husband we haven't really been able to go out together since our daughter was born. But we really are homebodys so it's not so bad. We like spending the day at the house together just watching a movie, and talking.
It's really cold today though! I think Hawaii forgot it's supposed to be a tropical island.

So I guess today I am going to try and make sure the house finally get cleaned, and hopefully before 5 this evening. Then my husband should be home and the weekend will begin!
We did find out that he is going back to PRP. He leaves on the 26th and will have to be gone 2 whole weeks... but I guess when it comes the Army two weeks really isn't anything at all. But even though I hate the time he has to be gone, I am really glad he gets to do this. It is something he really wants to do for his career.
And of course he has my support 100 %.

I think I may just spend the time he is away do a little decorating, or at least planning some ideas I'd like to do with our house. I know for sure I'd like to find a couple of hanging plants for our lanai. And hopefully a couple that are nearly indestructible. I did have a bamboo but I've managed to kill that. My husband likes to tease that I'd kill a cactus. But I do love flowers, and I'm going to keep trying till something lives. =)
So wish me luck.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Little Evening Soapbox.

So my darling little girl decided that it would be great if she woke mommy up at 0200 and stay up till 0500... So needless to say I did not get much sleep at all last night. But we did have a pretty wonderful day today anyway. My husband did have to work, the Army just never seems to get enough of him. But he did get home early and we spent the rest of the day together playing COD and watching Desperate Housewives. See we have this system worked out. He plays a game or two then I get to watch an episode of DH. It works well. =] The later he started picking on me, and that turned into a tickling war, which turned into him smearing ink from the ink-pad I had to put our daughter's footprints in her baby book all over me! And I attacked him with shaving cream until we called a truce so I could take a shower. Hahaha, it was hilarious. It makes me very happy that I have the kind of husband I can goof off with and act silly with!

I have also been working on some research the past few days. And it's coming along quite nicely. I'm researching the vaccines that they give baby's Because I don't like the idea of doctors pumping our little girl with over 50 live viruses before she even reaches 6 months of age. And to be honest I don't think I would have ever given this much thought if it weren't for my mom and some of our friends. My mother is a very healthy person with every aspect of her life. All natural is the way she likes to do things. Some of this started years ago when I was in grade school and my dad was into competitive body building. He had to stay on a strict diet. So that is when allot of the things we ate changed. Then just a few years ago my dad was diagnosed with an auto immune disease after receiving a Hepatitis vaccine. So even more things changed at home because my mom found that the more natural things she used in the home and fed our family, the better my dad did. And the less often the disease flared up. So that is what really got her and I into researching the things we put into our body.
And I know that doctors try to tell us that baby's suffering severe negative side affects are very rare I just can't believe that. My husband and I have two friends one who's son after getting the MMR vaccine developed a more severe autism, and our other friend who's baby sister died shortly after receiving the MMR vaccine. And I have read of many more cases of people going through the very same thing. So how can doctors tell us that they aren't linked, or that they are very rare when I alone can list 3 people I know of for sure that have a negative story to tell.
Anyway I am going to post some of the notes I have taken and a couple of the websites I have found if anyone is interested any further into this subject. I guess that's my soapbox rant for the day. =] But I am just too interested in our daughters safety and health not to look into these sort of things for myself.

Vaccine Facts:

1. Vaccine cultures are preserved with ingredients such as Mercury, Formaldehyde, Phenol, Aluminum and MSG. These toxic mixtures are directly injected into babies (children & adults) bypassing the body's built in filters (cilia, tonsils and skin).

--- cilium |ˈsilēəm| |ˈsɪliəm| |ˈsɪlɪəm|
noun (usu. in pl. cilia |ˈsilēə| |ˈsɪliə| |-lɪə|) Biology & Anatomy
a short, microscopic, hairlike vibrating structure. Cilia occur in large numbers on the surface of certain cells, either causing currents in the surrounding fluid, or, in some protozoans and other small organisms, providing propulsion.
• an eyelash, or a delicate hairlike structure that resembles one. ---------

2. Childhood vaccinations are the first assault on the normal functioning of the body, creating neurological damage and debilitating the immune system.

3. Children being routinely vaccinated by what is to be believed "preventive" medicine have by age 6 been exposed to more then 100 viral strains.

4. Vaccinations are frequently administered in combination and in nature itself one would never encounter this type of viral overload.

5. With repeated injections the damage caused by vaccinations can lead to developmental problems, auto-immune disease, sudden infant death, autism and more.

6. Plagues such as smallpox, and polio were never eradicated by vaccines. Smallpox declined with improved sanitation, and polio persists under many new names.


"My suspicion, which is shared by others in my profession, is that the nearly 10,000 SIDS deaths that occur in the United States each year are related to one or more of the vaccines that are routinely given children. The pertussis vaccine is the most likely villain, but it could also be one or more of the others." --Dr. Mendelsohn, M.D.
"There is no evidence whatsoever of the ability of vaccines to prevent any diseases. To the contrary, there is a great wealth of evidence that they cause serious side effects." -- Dr. Viera Scheibner
Disease Control (CDC) produced an internal memo suggesting a "possible association between the vaccine and multiple sclerosis." AAPS calls for a moratorium on hepatitis B vaccination, pending proper clinical studies.
The MMR vaccine, given to children at age 18 months, is derived from aborted fetal cells. It is now definitively linked to America's explosive epidemic of autism by researchers at Utah State University. 3 Autism is a devastating condition involving brain damage, severe abdominal cramping and hyperactivity. During the 2001 congressional autism hearings, Congressman Dan Burton condemned U.S. health agencies for not withdrawing MMR vaccine from the market.
From 1750 to 1950, vast improvements in sanitation and the year around availability of nutrition occurred. Child mortality associated with scarlet fever, diphtheria, whooping cough and measles declined 90 percent between 1850 and 1940 in England and Wales. In 1940 vaccination against diphtheria became compulsory. Whooping cough and measles vaccinations came later. There is no vaccine for scarlet fever, yet scarlet fever seldom occurs today. Mortality associated with measles declined 98 percent before a measles vaccine was produced. The rate of decline in mortality associated with individual diseases did not change following the introduction of specific vaccines. Yet claims are made that vaccines eradicate disease in spite of the abundant counter evidence that vaccines did not save us from epidemics.

Reforms in sanitation and nutrition are responsible for vast declines in both mortality and disease incidence. Immunity occurs naturally when filthy conditions or malnutrition do not destroy immunity. Vaccinations do not increase the number of immune individuals. Healthy lifestyle practices alone result in immune populations.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

CQ, WLC, and SF. My how busy.

Well it's 22:24 and I have officially only been up since around 19:30. That's what happens when my husband had CQ yesterday and our daughter has a cold. My day has been very uneventful but it was kind of nice. I picked my husband up from work early this morning. We went for breakfast, then came home and he passed right out. And poor Genesis has had a sniffily nose the past couple of days so she wasn't feeling good and just wanted to be held. So I curled up in bed with the two of them, watched Bones on Netflix till I passed out again too. I'm just hoping we will all be able to go to sleep again tonight so we can get up in time for Easter service at church tomorrow.
And I'm pretty happy because this weekend would have been a four day for my husband if it hadn't have been for CQ yesterday. So they are giving him Tuesday off! =] So that make for a three day work week next week. I'm sure glad he gets a long weekend because he starts WLC week after next. And I am really not looking forward to the long hours that come with that.

So once again there has been another change in our military lifestyle plans. As I have mentioned my husband has been planning on spending this year getting through Ranger school. Well a couple days ago he informs me that he has the chance to go to selection next month for SF. (For those of you non-military readers that is Special Forces.) So... looks like we might just be doing that. But then again who knows tomorrow it could be something new. Anyway plans are now for him to spend about two weeks next month at Bragg going through selections. Then we will know where we're going from there.
I must say even though I have always been such a major planner I do like the excitement of the military life right now. And I am kind of looking forward to moving somewhere new. I like Hawaii okay, but I do miss the mainland. And I would really like the chance for us to make a visit back home soon. Because my mom has been the only one so far to see our daughter and we want the rest of our family to have that chance as soon as possible. And it's kind of hard for us to get home living out here on an island.

Anyway I'm going to watch another episode of Bones with my husband before we try to go back to sleep. And thankfully Genesis is sleeping away I really hope she feels better in the morning. I don't like our little angel being sick. And my coffee is cold... yes I know I drink coffee at night... I'll still sleep. =]
This is the life.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sleepless nights, and 10 Facts.

Well my two darling are fast asleep. And since Genesis kept me up all night, I slept in all morning. Normally she sleeps pretty well during the night, and the upside to breast feeding is I can just lay her down beside me when she wants to eat at night. No bottles to make up. But not last night, oh-no not last night. She stayed up all night till after her daddy left for work around 0500. So when she finally wore herself out she slept all morning until lunch time only waking up to eat once. So mommy slept all morning too.
I just love her in the mornings, she is so excited about the mornings. She wakes me up with cooing, and grunting, and all kinds of baby jabber. She is perfectly happy to lay there jabbering away and looking around. And then by the afternoon she only wants to eat and sleep.
While I in no way want to rush any time away of her being the tiny new baby she is now. I can certainly say I am looking forward to when she'll want to be awake with me during day and just want to play or jabber, and not have to eat the whole time she's awake!
Well anyway, my two darlings are fast asleep, and I can't fall asleep just yet. So I'm watching The Seven Year Itch and writing about how I can't sleep.
My husband actually didn't wake up at all from his "nap" at all this evening. Genesis and I went in twice to wake him. He held her for a little bit, then kissed me and said to wake him in an hour. So we went back in to wake him an hour later and he kissed us both and rolled right back over. So I just let him sleep. This does often happen around the middle of the week. He has enough late nights, early mornings, and long work days that sometimes he just must go to bed super early to be able to function for the rest of the week.
I was thinking about finding a little "get to know you" sort of survey to post on here. I like surveys, and I'm very bored, and I'm new here so I thought it'd be a good idea...

Before I go on though I must say I just love the first scene with Marilyn Monroe in this movie, and she wants a "big tall martini", but it "needs more sugar". Makes me laugh every time.

I've got it! I'll just tell you a few interesting facts about myself. How about 10, nice round number. Alright so 10 interesting facts about me. With any luck this will exhaust me and I can go right to sleep after I'm finished.

Fact One: I live in Hawaii and will be here for a couple more years most likely. My husband has been stationed here for almost as long as I have known him. He likes it very much. But I must say I really am looking forward to getting back to the mainland. But we have another deployment and maybe another year or two before we look at being stationed some where new.

Fact Two: I dated my husband for not even the two whole weeks of his leave home before he proposed to me! I have known him for years, we were always friends. But I really hadn't thought of ever dating him before. We were both in relationships when we met and got to know each other in the beginning. But few years later (and us both being single) he came home for a two week leave in the summer with every intention of asking me to marry him before he went back to Hawaii. Well, he asked, and I said yes! I flew out to Hawaii in July, we were married in October just two days before he deployed to Iraq.

Fact Three: I have 7 tattoos. One on my wrist, 4 on my hips, and 2 on my back. And they are very addicting though I must say I have about reached my limit. But my husband and I have talked about getting one together. I very much want to do that.

That's me...

Fact Four: I spent a summer in Brasil and Bolivia when I was in highschool. And I just loved it! I went there for a mission trip. We helped to build a school, and soccer field, and taught a bible school. It was amazing and I feel very blessed to have had that experience.

Fact Five I just adore vintage things and classic movies. I like shopping at 2nd hand stores, and rummage sales. I like finding old things and turning them into something new. I may not always be very good at it, but I am very crafty and like making things. Maybe one day I'll have time for that again...

Fact Six: I am a Christian, and firmly believe in God. I really like the church we go to, and I do try to read my bible often. I also love the book Created to Be His Help Meet. It is a wonderful book for married couples. And it has very greatly helped helped our marriage, and my view point on it.

Fact Seven: I always really loved music. I spent most of my teenage years very much involved in the local music scene. Most of my friends were in a local band. And there were some pretty great local music venues where I grew up. I did allot of publicity for my friends. It was a rather carefree time of music and late nights of friends and coffee. Maybe that explains Almost Famous being one of my favorite movies. Oh and I collect vinyl records.

Fact Eight: I very much hope that one day my husband and I can spend some time in Europe. I just love the art and history there. And would love to see it for myself with the love of my life.

Fact Nine: My life has been on a wonderful uphill climb since I married my husband. Things haven't always been that wonderful for me, or in fact very good at all. But with the life I have now I couldn't be happier. And my family just loves him. I just love our life together, and our beautiful baby girl!

Fact Ten: I have never been happier or more in love with anyone in my entire life.

Well that actually took longer then I thought. It's so funny half the time I can think of a million things to say about myself. And the other half I have a brain freeze. Tonight was a brain freeze sort of night. But I can say that I am now pretty tired. So I'm going to go curl up with my husband. Goodnight.
This is the life...

Sleeping Baby Girl, and Noisy Neighbors.

I swear I think that I live in the nosiest place on the island! Why is it that people feel the need to ride there ridiculously loud bikes, do road work, and rev there engines at exactly the time I finally get my baby girl down for a nap? She is still at the stage where all she wants to do when she is awake is eat. And since I am breast-feeding I very much hope that when she finally drifts off to sleep that she'll stay that way for a little while. Because until I pop out a couple extra arms when she is asleep is the only time I really get to do anything, to get anything done.
So I am half temped to paint a big sign to hang from our lanai saying "QUIET PLEASE, BABY SLEEPING!"
She is so much fun to watch sleep... she makes silly little faces, and likes to poke her bottom lip out.

She also likes to sleep in her, what I like to call "bunny pose" when she's on her back. Such a darling.

So anyway that's my little sweetheart while she sleeps.
We are spending today watching some television. Cleaning the house, well I'm the one cleaning the house she sleeps. And waiting for my darling husband to get home. Hopefully this work day will be a little shorter then yesterday. Unfortunately the Army doesn't give him nice clean cut work days of 9 to 5 type hours.
This is the life...

Monday, March 29, 2010

Life, Love, and Dog-tags.

Well there have certainly been allot of changes in my life. So many shiny new things happening. And with all these changes I thought that it was time for a new blog to go along with them. So, well, this is the beginning.
I guess maybe a little "get to know you" type post would be appropriate for my first post. So we'll start with the basics.

I'm Hannah, and I'm an Army Wife. (obviously)
I'm 22 years old and have been married for almost a year and a half now.
My husband is in the US Army Infantry, and we are stationed in (practically always) sunshiny Hawaii.
We just had our first baby. A beautiful little girl. Genesis Olivia, and she will be a month old on Friday.
She was our little R&R surprise!
My husband and I were married October 15th 2008. He was deployed to Iraq October 17th 2008. He came home for two weeks in June 2009. And a little over two weeks after he was back in Iraq I e-mailed him the news that we were going to have a baby! He came home to me in October 2009. We had our little girl March 5th 2010. And here we are today. Our little girl almost a month old. My husband and I just a few weeks away from being married a year and a half. My how time flies!
We are now spending as much time together as we possibly can because this time next year he will be leaving again for another tour, this time to Afghanistan. And before that he will be spending a few months this summer away from us at Ranger school.
I must say having him away from me just as much as he is with me has got to be the hardest thing about the military life.

Together again!

Well, that is up to now what is going on in my life. And as you can most likely tell my husband and our baby are my life! The Army life is what we live. And as hard as it all can sometimes be I wouldn't change being with him for the world. He is the forever love of my life.

Family Ever After