Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pretty Baby Hair Bows.

Finally just a few minutes to update! It seems like I have had almost no time these past few days. My daughter has gotten into a habit of crying and crying for at least an hour solid every day no matter what I try to do to make her happy, which in it's self is just about enough to drive me almost completely crazy.
I have picked up a new little hobby though. Which is how I spend my free time aka her nap time. At least thats how I spend the free time I have in between getting the house cleaned and dinner made.
Anyway I have started making her some hair bows, and there pretty cute if I do say so myself. Most of the websites I've looked at that carry these cute little bows can be kind of expensive, especially if your like me and need a million of them! =) But I can pick up some ribbons, rhinestones, flowers and buttons for a pretty good price and make dozens of them. It's been fun and she looks super cute in them.
My husband tells me I should make and sell some on ebay... And while I'm flattered that he thinks they are that good I don't know where I'd find the time. Unless he wants to start doing his own laundry to save me time that is. hahaha.
She seems to like her bows, well she likes pulling them down around her neck right now anyway. We were out shopping the other day and every time I looked over at her she had her bow around her eyes with her little arms waving frantically trying to figure out who turned out the lights. =)

She is such a little princess. My aunt jokes that she is like my own live baby doll. lol
I did always want a little sister to dress up when I was young. I got three younger brothers instead, though that never stopped me from dressing them up!

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