Saturday, April 3, 2010

CQ, WLC, and SF. My how busy.

Well it's 22:24 and I have officially only been up since around 19:30. That's what happens when my husband had CQ yesterday and our daughter has a cold. My day has been very uneventful but it was kind of nice. I picked my husband up from work early this morning. We went for breakfast, then came home and he passed right out. And poor Genesis has had a sniffily nose the past couple of days so she wasn't feeling good and just wanted to be held. So I curled up in bed with the two of them, watched Bones on Netflix till I passed out again too. I'm just hoping we will all be able to go to sleep again tonight so we can get up in time for Easter service at church tomorrow.
And I'm pretty happy because this weekend would have been a four day for my husband if it hadn't have been for CQ yesterday. So they are giving him Tuesday off! =] So that make for a three day work week next week. I'm sure glad he gets a long weekend because he starts WLC week after next. And I am really not looking forward to the long hours that come with that.

So once again there has been another change in our military lifestyle plans. As I have mentioned my husband has been planning on spending this year getting through Ranger school. Well a couple days ago he informs me that he has the chance to go to selection next month for SF. (For those of you non-military readers that is Special Forces.) So... looks like we might just be doing that. But then again who knows tomorrow it could be something new. Anyway plans are now for him to spend about two weeks next month at Bragg going through selections. Then we will know where we're going from there.
I must say even though I have always been such a major planner I do like the excitement of the military life right now. And I am kind of looking forward to moving somewhere new. I like Hawaii okay, but I do miss the mainland. And I would really like the chance for us to make a visit back home soon. Because my mom has been the only one so far to see our daughter and we want the rest of our family to have that chance as soon as possible. And it's kind of hard for us to get home living out here on an island.

Anyway I'm going to watch another episode of Bones with my husband before we try to go back to sleep. And thankfully Genesis is sleeping away I really hope she feels better in the morning. I don't like our little angel being sick. And my coffee is cold... yes I know I drink coffee at night... I'll still sleep. =]
This is the life.

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