Friday, July 23, 2010

Sugar & Spice Boutique

I just wanted to let everyone, and anyone who is interested that I have just started a home business. It is called Sugar & Spice Boutique and I make and design headbands and hairbows for infant and toddler/child girls.
I have a facebook page set up for it, and there is a button on the side bar if you are interested in looking into what I have avaliable for sale.
I can ship them anywhere in the states. And for those of you who live in Oahu Hawaii I do have pick-up available so you can by-pass the shipping fee.

Here is a copy of the information note I have posted on my site.

Hello everyone, and welcome to Sugar & Spice Boutique! I am brand new at this so there are still a few kinks to work out, but I think i have a pretty good start so far. Over the next couple of weeks i will be making more bows and adding more pictures. So if you don't see anything that catches your eye now check back again often because I'll be adding lots.
Also if you have any ideas for custom bows, or designs I haven't thought of yet please feel free to send me a message. I'd love the input!

All of my headbands and bows are handmade by me. I have quite a few different ribbons, headbands, and embellishments and am always adding more. If there is something I don't carry let me know and I will try and find it for you. Also if you already have a particular ribbon your in love with I can have you send it to me and I will style a bow from that.
The embellishments are optional and you can always add more or less to each headband. I haven't set prices on adding them yet but we'll work it out as we go along according to which ones, and how many you choose. These are sewn or hot-glued onto the head-bands depending on the placement and style. I have made quite a few for my daughter and haven't had any problems with them coming off at all.

I can do two basic bows right now, and that is the simple 4 loop bow like the Pretty Princess Bow, and the more intricate muti-loop bow like the American Baby Bow. But I'll be playing around with trying new ones as well and will post pictures as there completed. These I can do in different sizes, just let me know how large or small you'd like them.

As of now I have set the prices for the bows I have completed in the "Completed Hair-bow & Head-bands" picture file. Though the shipping hasn't been added yet. The embellishments that are already on the bows are included in the price. If you'd like me to add more I will charge according to which ones and how many you choose. I am not sure on the shipping rates yet I plan on finding out and posting them by this weekend. I live in Ewa Beach HI and for those of you willing to pick up your completed Bows I will waive the shipping fee of course!

I hope everyone finds something they like! Please feel free to leave me comments, feedback, and ideas. I'd love to hear them! If you have any questions or would like to place an order just send me a message! I am working on setting up pay-pal for purchases and for those of you picking them up directly from me cash or check is fine.

Thank you!