Friday, October 29, 2010

From here to there and back again. Baby G's on the move!

So we have made it to a huge milestone in our Baby G's life. She is crawling now! Not just crawling but also pulling her self up on anything and everything she can! It seems to have started so fast. It feels like just yesterday she was learning to sit up on her own, or to hold her little head up. But now, now that little girl is into everything! I knew it would be like this so even though I was excited seeing her learn to sit, and hold herself up on hands and knees I was also in no rush for her to actually start crawling around. =) But it is very exciting and lots of fun! She is right at that age where everyday is seems that she learns something new.
Yesterday we went by the PX waiting on my husband to get off work and I found that they had all those Zhu-zhu pets that I have always thought were so cute in the ads. So of course I bought one for G. And let me just say that was the best 7 dollars I have ever spent! She thinks it is just hilarious! She'll follow him around on the carpet and then laugh and laugh when he turns around and rolls over her little hand or bumps her in the leg. It's really one of the cutest things I've ever seen!

So I only have a couple of weeks left before I head back to my parents for the holidays while my husband is away at Sniper school. I really am looking forward to it! And for a change in the weather, and a chance to spend some quality time with our families. Hopefully my husband will be able to come up and join us for a week or two at Christmas! (Oh I really really hope so!)
Deployment is creeping up way too fast. The times with him home, the days seem to just fly by. But deployments drag on so that it feels like a lifetime of waiting. (Of course I would wait 2 lifetimes for him!) I feel like I just can't seem to cram enough hours in the day to spend with him!

Nothing else too new or exciting to report. =) Spending lots of time with my family of course. And preparing for G and I going to IL for a visit and my husband heading off for school. Making the most of every single day with him in the meantime.

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