Saturday, August 28, 2010

Deployment training, and future plans.

Well here I am going through another week of my husband being at the field. And my days are as backwards as ever! For some reason the Army has decided to start their work weeks on Saturday or Sunday, and send them home on Wednesdays or Thursdays. So we have been feeling a day or two off around here this month. Thankfully it should slow down a little bit next month and there wont be quite so many weeks out at the field... for a little while anyway. But September and October should be the last of our slow months. (at least I hope there slow!) In November I'll be headed home for a visit, and my Darling Husband will be on his way to Sniper school. Then we have the holidays and starting January deployment training will be in full swing!
I can't believe how fast this one is sneaking up on us, it seems like he just got home from the last! But that's the Army for you I suppose they give you about a month then they'll be reminding you every day just how close the next deployment is. At least they do in the Infantry. And as always I am certainly full of mixed feelings. Since our daughter and I will be spending almost all of this 12 month deployment in Illinois with family that makes me happy. Living so far away from then we don't get much of a chance for her to be around them so that part I am looking forward to. But of course my husband having to be gone and in Afghanistan I am NOT at all looking forward to at all! Though I am thankful every day he has gotten this entire 1st year at home to spend with our baby girl. And we have lots of plans on things to do to help her remember and be able to see and hear her daddy every day despite the miles between us.
Anyway Baby G is getting fussy (it's about her bedtime) so I'm going to try and get her to bed now.
This is the life! =)

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