Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What? A Clean House!?

Well I can't believe it myself but I actually got the house cleaned, even the bathrooms! Genesis isn't eating quite as often as she had been (every hour!) =) and she likes her swing allot, so when she starts to get tired if I put her in her swing she falls right asleep and stays that way for a few hours. I almost thought this day would never come. =)
Anyway I grabbed those few hours while she was sleeping yesterday to get the entire house cleaned up! Well, not the entire house... we have a spare room that has become a "catch all" for all of my husbands gear, well all his gear that isn't in our two storage rooms, and at the company. He has allot of gear! But that room I didn't touch, I just shut the door and ignore it. lol

Over the weekend we had a dinner at our house with some of my husbands friends from work. It was allot of fun, and surprisingly after dinner I put Genesis to bed and she slept all night! So I actually got one evening of a social life.. almost forgot what that was like. And thankfully his friends clean up after themselves... because since we didn't have a table long enough for beer pong, my husband actually took the spare room door off it's hinges to use for a beer pong table top. And beer pong went down in my dining room... I suppose I should give them a gold star for creativity. lol
But it was a fun night, thats for sure.