Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sleeping Baby Girl, and Noisy Neighbors.

I swear I think that I live in the nosiest place on the island! Why is it that people feel the need to ride there ridiculously loud bikes, do road work, and rev there engines at exactly the time I finally get my baby girl down for a nap? She is still at the stage where all she wants to do when she is awake is eat. And since I am breast-feeding I very much hope that when she finally drifts off to sleep that she'll stay that way for a little while. Because until I pop out a couple extra arms when she is asleep is the only time I really get to do anything, to get anything done.
So I am half temped to paint a big sign to hang from our lanai saying "QUIET PLEASE, BABY SLEEPING!"
She is so much fun to watch sleep... she makes silly little faces, and likes to poke her bottom lip out.

She also likes to sleep in her, what I like to call "bunny pose" when she's on her back. Such a darling.

So anyway that's my little sweetheart while she sleeps.
We are spending today watching some television. Cleaning the house, well I'm the one cleaning the house she sleeps. And waiting for my darling husband to get home. Hopefully this work day will be a little shorter then yesterday. Unfortunately the Army doesn't give him nice clean cut work days of 9 to 5 type hours.
This is the life...

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