Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fleamarket Extravaganza.

Well yesterday was just beautiful and Genesis and I took every advantage of it! We went with my friend Cat to a fleamarket downtown. I was great fun and Genesis loved being out in the sunshine! She likes spending time outside when ever she gets a chance. We walked around for about three hours and I brought home a couple of really great finds. I bought Genesis a coconut monkey head bank. It's so cute and will go with her room perfectly as soon as I get it decorated like I want.
It's a jungle type theme, with lots of animals and bright colors!
And I bought the most wonderful garlic balsamic olive oil dip. It is locally made and so awesome!
So of course I came right home and made some challah and coffee to go with it for dinner. Because it is my opinion that challah can make a wonderful dipping bread! It is a little sweet and goes perfectly with the vinaigrette that has a great bite, with just a hint of sweet.
Now I am hoping around the first part of next month I will find a farmers market to go to. I have yet to visit one since I moved to Hawaii and I would love to get my hands on some fresh locally grown produce.
So anyway I am spending today recovering from just a touch of sunburn =), and relaxing with my baby girl waiting for my husband to get home from work. He has Friday off!
This is the life.

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