Friday, April 16, 2010

Just a Few Minutes of Spare Time.

Grabbing just a few minutes to update my blog. My darling little girl is asleep... for now. She almost hardly ever seems to sleep these days. And she always wants entertained when she's not asleep. It's really cute but I almost never get anything done around the house now.
My husband had the day off work yesterday so we took the afternoon to get some grocery shopping done, and he took me out to lunch. We were so proud of Genesis she doesn't always do very well going out because she just hates her car seat right now. But she did just fine almost all day yesterday. And I was glad I got the chance to go out with my husband we haven't really been able to go out together since our daughter was born. But we really are homebodys so it's not so bad. We like spending the day at the house together just watching a movie, and talking.
It's really cold today though! I think Hawaii forgot it's supposed to be a tropical island.

So I guess today I am going to try and make sure the house finally get cleaned, and hopefully before 5 this evening. Then my husband should be home and the weekend will begin!
We did find out that he is going back to PRP. He leaves on the 26th and will have to be gone 2 whole weeks... but I guess when it comes the Army two weeks really isn't anything at all. But even though I hate the time he has to be gone, I am really glad he gets to do this. It is something he really wants to do for his career.
And of course he has my support 100 %.

I think I may just spend the time he is away do a little decorating, or at least planning some ideas I'd like to do with our house. I know for sure I'd like to find a couple of hanging plants for our lanai. And hopefully a couple that are nearly indestructible. I did have a bamboo but I've managed to kill that. My husband likes to tease that I'd kill a cactus. But I do love flowers, and I'm going to keep trying till something lives. =)
So wish me luck.

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