Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sleepless nights, and 10 Facts.

Well my two darling are fast asleep. And since Genesis kept me up all night, I slept in all morning. Normally she sleeps pretty well during the night, and the upside to breast feeding is I can just lay her down beside me when she wants to eat at night. No bottles to make up. But not last night, oh-no not last night. She stayed up all night till after her daddy left for work around 0500. So when she finally wore herself out she slept all morning until lunch time only waking up to eat once. So mommy slept all morning too.
I just love her in the mornings, she is so excited about the mornings. She wakes me up with cooing, and grunting, and all kinds of baby jabber. She is perfectly happy to lay there jabbering away and looking around. And then by the afternoon she only wants to eat and sleep.
While I in no way want to rush any time away of her being the tiny new baby she is now. I can certainly say I am looking forward to when she'll want to be awake with me during day and just want to play or jabber, and not have to eat the whole time she's awake!
Well anyway, my two darlings are fast asleep, and I can't fall asleep just yet. So I'm watching The Seven Year Itch and writing about how I can't sleep.
My husband actually didn't wake up at all from his "nap" at all this evening. Genesis and I went in twice to wake him. He held her for a little bit, then kissed me and said to wake him in an hour. So we went back in to wake him an hour later and he kissed us both and rolled right back over. So I just let him sleep. This does often happen around the middle of the week. He has enough late nights, early mornings, and long work days that sometimes he just must go to bed super early to be able to function for the rest of the week.
I was thinking about finding a little "get to know you" sort of survey to post on here. I like surveys, and I'm very bored, and I'm new here so I thought it'd be a good idea...

Before I go on though I must say I just love the first scene with Marilyn Monroe in this movie, and she wants a "big tall martini", but it "needs more sugar". Makes me laugh every time.

I've got it! I'll just tell you a few interesting facts about myself. How about 10, nice round number. Alright so 10 interesting facts about me. With any luck this will exhaust me and I can go right to sleep after I'm finished.

Fact One: I live in Hawaii and will be here for a couple more years most likely. My husband has been stationed here for almost as long as I have known him. He likes it very much. But I must say I really am looking forward to getting back to the mainland. But we have another deployment and maybe another year or two before we look at being stationed some where new.

Fact Two: I dated my husband for not even the two whole weeks of his leave home before he proposed to me! I have known him for years, we were always friends. But I really hadn't thought of ever dating him before. We were both in relationships when we met and got to know each other in the beginning. But few years later (and us both being single) he came home for a two week leave in the summer with every intention of asking me to marry him before he went back to Hawaii. Well, he asked, and I said yes! I flew out to Hawaii in July, we were married in October just two days before he deployed to Iraq.

Fact Three: I have 7 tattoos. One on my wrist, 4 on my hips, and 2 on my back. And they are very addicting though I must say I have about reached my limit. But my husband and I have talked about getting one together. I very much want to do that.

That's me...

Fact Four: I spent a summer in Brasil and Bolivia when I was in highschool. And I just loved it! I went there for a mission trip. We helped to build a school, and soccer field, and taught a bible school. It was amazing and I feel very blessed to have had that experience.

Fact Five I just adore vintage things and classic movies. I like shopping at 2nd hand stores, and rummage sales. I like finding old things and turning them into something new. I may not always be very good at it, but I am very crafty and like making things. Maybe one day I'll have time for that again...

Fact Six: I am a Christian, and firmly believe in God. I really like the church we go to, and I do try to read my bible often. I also love the book Created to Be His Help Meet. It is a wonderful book for married couples. And it has very greatly helped helped our marriage, and my view point on it.

Fact Seven: I always really loved music. I spent most of my teenage years very much involved in the local music scene. Most of my friends were in a local band. And there were some pretty great local music venues where I grew up. I did allot of publicity for my friends. It was a rather carefree time of music and late nights of friends and coffee. Maybe that explains Almost Famous being one of my favorite movies. Oh and I collect vinyl records.

Fact Eight: I very much hope that one day my husband and I can spend some time in Europe. I just love the art and history there. And would love to see it for myself with the love of my life.

Fact Nine: My life has been on a wonderful uphill climb since I married my husband. Things haven't always been that wonderful for me, or in fact very good at all. But with the life I have now I couldn't be happier. And my family just loves him. I just love our life together, and our beautiful baby girl!

Fact Ten: I have never been happier or more in love with anyone in my entire life.

Well that actually took longer then I thought. It's so funny half the time I can think of a million things to say about myself. And the other half I have a brain freeze. Tonight was a brain freeze sort of night. But I can say that I am now pretty tired. So I'm going to go curl up with my husband. Goodnight.
This is the life...

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