Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy.

So My husband and I have been married now for just over two and a half years. And unfortunately we are already on our 2nd deployment leaving us with just over a year of actually being in the same house, let alone the same state together. One of these days soon though we will reach a time were we have been together more then apart. And I know allot of other military wives can relate well to what I am talking about. Although I guess between all the schools and training we have actually been together less then that. And even though I hate that fact, I am reassured in it because with all the time we have had to spend apart our marriage is always getting stronger and more beautiful every day.
Before I met my husband, I never imagined that I would be married to a soldier. The town I am from isn't very big and everyone in it knows someone who knows you. This town is also an hour away from any sort of military base and even though I have retired military extended family it's never really been a life style I've known until now. And I must say it really has grown on me. I love the camaraderie that you can find in many of the wives here. The fact that your neighbors and friends and even people you run into at the commissary know exactly what deployments are like, and what it's like going home to an empty bed night after night during those times.
One thing I have learned over our times apart is how to laugh. To be able to laugh at myself and to find the joy in life. Even during the times all the joy seems to be sucked out of it. I love reading books written by other military wives who know how to find the joy in life as well. Because even though there are so many many times all I want to do is curl up and cry I try and find things to make me laugh. It's keeps my spirits strong and my outlook so much more bright. Which is very important or you'll tend to sink.

I remember one afternoon some of the girls and I decided to take our kids and have a day at the beach, (Which is definitely one perk to being stationed in Hawaii!) there are many secluded beaches, and it's easy to find a spot away from roaming tourists and new Privets trying to pick up chicks. We planned the night before to go and I was very glad we did once I got in the shower that next morning. Knowing we were about to have a day at the beach I of course dug my razor out of the bottom of my cosmetic bag where it had been living for the past almost 3 weeks. And I swear once I got started it took all of 20 minutes to actually shave every unsightly hair off my body! Once my husband deployed I saw no need for this sort of extra maintenance, and had neglected it badly. I had razor burns in places I didn't know you could get razor burns! When I finally finished and my daughter and I were beach ready we headed out for our day in the blue waters. It was all fun and games and we were hunting for shells just under the shallow waves when a bit of seaweed floated over my girlfriends leg. "What was that!" she asked while pulling her legs back. I told her it was just seaweed as I looked down at it. Then I saw this seaweed scurry sideways... We all ran screaming from the waves toward the sand. It was a huge crab! When we realized what we just did, and what we must look like we collapsed on the sand laughing hysterically! And I know that we all very much needed that afternoon. I went home feeling so refreshed and energized. All because a crab turned us into screaming little girls.
It's those little things we learn to laugh at and use to make our day joyful.

-This is the life!-

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